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You can purchase as many shares as you wish (£50 per share) Closing date is the 30th September 2023.

The Pro Betting Syndicate - Season 3, runs from 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024.

HRR Pro Bet Syndicate 3


    ​You will benefit from being part of a large syndicate that pool resources for the benefit of all members. 

    ​Members will be informed of tips and selections highlighted by HRR Pro and by the private PRO Betting Syndicate Tracker available in the members area for betting syndicate members. (Link to Group is emailed when you purchase shares).

    ​​It really is that simple. You just pay and you are in PLAY.

    ​​SUBSCRIPTIONS (Share Options) 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024.

    All members must be a subscriber to the website free or paid.

    ​You can buy unlimited shares as you wish before 30th September 2023, when the option to buy in closes.

    There will be no periods to top up your shares.

    ​The Syndicate payment acts as the contract and your shares are recorded so the Profit Share, can be calculated.

    ​​Profit share will take place at the end of each season and will be refunded by Paypal/Debit/Credit Card/Bank Account, within 45 days, at the end of the season, this allows for the transfer of funds from the secured syndicate bond account.

    There is risk involved, of course, and returns are not guaranteed.

    ​​Cancelling/Leaving the Syndicate

    If you wish to leave the syndicate at any time you must give 30 days notice for the following month, at which point you will be refunded your share options and value at that point in time.

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