Subscription Update

When I opened the website for free for 3 months in response to Coronavirus, I set out what the new subscription packages would be in May.

Now during these 3months I have added a lot of new features to the website, which I had not catered for back then.

There are the Stateside Selections, Architects Selections, Blog, Forum, Rating enhancements, Value Pointers, these are all new during the Free Period.

With stateside, available 7 days a week and Architect writing up for 4 days a week come September and with further ratings & data enhancements in the pipeline and allowing to keep improving the service as a whole, I have decided to split the service into 2 areas and also a combined membership.

I've always wanted to offer the best value for money and I do that and some.

Revised Membership Costs

£25 monthly For Ratings will remain (£35 for Premium Pro)

£25 monthly for Selections will remain

These, however, will now be separate services offered.

Both services will include the Value Pointers.

The combined service will be £37.50 per month (£47.50 for Premium Pro)

I know this will not please some, but my initial pricing was based on the ratings and my selections only.

With all the new features added, time, development costs and service costs, I want to continue to offer the best service there is and the change will allow me to do that.

I have looked at this for a while now and have tried to not make this change, but not doing this will be a longer-term detriment to the service.

Anyone who has already purchased memberships will not be affected.

It has not been an easy decision for me to make and I thank all of you for your support.


There will be FREE ratings on Wednesdays & also a dedicated FREE Selections Channel on Whatsapp on certain days selections will be sent.




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