Ratings Updates

Ok little progress update on the ratings. Inplay Betting Profile The Inplay Betting Profile functionality is coming on nicely, have put some temporary visuals on the racecards, which highlights horses that consistently trade lower than their Betfair SP, on the Inplay Betting Profile Tab. Was nice to see a few members make use of that today. The full aspect when released it will pretty good, actually giving you the % Margins and prices for Back to lay or the Exchange Profit Cash Out Function.

Other Updates

Yesterday I tidied up a couple of visuals on the Race Cards and added a couple of bits to the System Builder, View Results Tab, (Going & Dist) Today's Ratings Updates 1 - Race Cards now have a Brief Horse Stats & OR/Class History with Full horse form as a pop-up on the top part of the race card, so I have just expanded the pop-up horse form there. The Horse Form tab remains with extra info on it (Win Strike Rates & Profit to BSP)

This means the OR/Class History Tab is no longer required so has been removed.

2 - Daily Trends I have updated so it is in table format - Easier to pick up and see data. Thanks James HRR

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