Ratings Update - Major Data Update

So the huge piece of work I have now completed in calculating historic averages for every horse in every race across al the different rating categories has been completed.

That has meant over 17,760,000 lines different pieces of data have been calculated and updated. So hence the little delays in the ratings being produced today and one day last week. The data will be live on the main system builder tonight.

What has been updated historically for analysis?

Firstly every rating score for every horse for every race it has run or been declared (if they were a NR) has had a Median Score attributed to it for the historic races prior to that particular race day.

I have then Ranked that score so it's easy to analyse in the system builders. Secondly - I have completed the very same exercise for the Ranking as well, this though has been calculated as an average not median.

This has then also been ranked to analyse in the system builder.

What this has done which we have been using in the ratings the last few days is to create a Race Par Score, which gives you by rating what the average winning score is for a particular type of race. So you can identify where a horse is well ahead of that par score. To Boost that for all rating categories will be a hugely helpful piece of information.

On some of my early analysis.

The Speed Rating comes out very well from a profit angle. But I will post on here some useful information regarding this. It is a piece of data that will help significantly in Handicaps (already seen trends on the AW handicaps). Once I have added all the visuals to the builder/ratings I will complete a tutorial/demo. I will say, i will 100% not be doing no development work now until the end of the National Hunt Season.

In the last few days my selections have been a bit up and down after a very good start to the month. The development work etc does impact hugely on my time to do what I do best analyse races and provide good solid selections.

I have been working until 4 am a couple of times to get this done.

So I want a full jumps season analysing races. I will be doing horses to follow over the next week over the Jumps for this year Thanks for your patience and support!




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