Rating Updates 31st May 2020

So we are underway tomorrow, I just wanted to quickly give a few updates on a couple of changes/additions.

Firstly I have just re-run a lot of the stats as the Trainer/Jockey & Stallion stats needed to be updated, as in not as they were from the 24th March :)

1) I have added the PDF & Excel Ratings to the Members, these will be refreshed daily once the ratings are updated for the following day.

The PDF format is exactly the same as they have been, just updated with new Logo and racing key.

The Excel format - I have stripped right back so the mirror the PDF ratings but include the HRR+ & PRR Rating aspects as well. I have done this to save on bulky excel spreadsheets.

2) System Builders & Todays System Checker Changes.

On the System builders, I will be including the Current Days Racing! This will make it a lot easier to use the bookmark feature with the Extended service (Power BI Licence).

So for historic performance just exclude the current racing day and to see qualifiers include the current racing day.

This means in-turn there is no need for the Daily Race Card System Checker, so this will be removed over the next couple of days.

3) Race Key will be added tonight as a downloadable document for the racecards

That is pretty much it!

James @HRR

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