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New Whatsapp Community and New HRR Pro Ratings Application

Hi All, It has been a little while since I have posted (I am busy with many projects) I have decided to create a WhatsApp community again, as visiting the website can be time-consuming. So please Join the Community Group Here. I have also worked on many projects in the background to improve the overall service. Stage one is to improve interaction in the ratings. For pro members, you now have an application-based front end to access the ratings and system builders in one place. This can be accessed from the link in the member's area. The layout of the ratings, stats pages, system builders, etc., will significantly improve in stage two. PS The betting syndicate is ticking over nicely; we are at 14% ROI, with May so far being break-even. There have been a few disappointing days, but there have been some big wins earlier in the month. I hope you are all keeping well. James HRR Pro

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