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Updated: May 23, 2020

So after some thought and several years of using Racing Tracker as a name, I've slowly transitioned over the last 4 or 5 months to Horse Race Ratings away from the original Racing Tracker.

This was two-fold.

1 - It sounds a lot more relevant.

2 - It works from a technical standpoint for the ratings.

So onto the rating updates.

There will be some changes to the "Rating" naming conventions.

They will be easier to understand and to talk about, as a group and when I am referencing them.


Old RGTR - New HRR

This is the Horse Race Rating Top Rated Horse.

Old RGTRP - New HRR+

This is HRR plus PRR (New Name) which is a place rating for that horse in that type of race.


Place rating for that horse in that particular type of race.

Things like Sc - Actual Score, HRRWSR - Win Strike Rate %, HRRPSR - Place Strike Rate %

This is the same across the Race Ratings.

Old TRa - New RaR

This is solely the "Total Race Rating".

SpR - Speed Rating

LrR - Last Race Rating

TrR - Trainer Rating

JoR - Jockey Rating

ToR - Todays Race Rating

StR - Stallion Rating

So I am in the progress of getting these updated and will quickly be followed by some tutorials, which will be live by 25th March.

A new feature will be the "Daily" trends dashboard picking out the best trends/stats from the ratings and highlighting Trainers/Jockeys in form etc.

I have also revamped the member's area, so it is more effective and easier to sign up, you can now manage your profile as well, which is way better,

All of this will come in handy when replying to blog posts and possibly a future Forum, one thing long term members will say, is that I take a lot of feedback on board, if something is good I will get working on it.

Not long to go now until racing resumes.

Keep Safe.

James @HRR

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