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  • James at HRR

Cheltenham Confirmation Rules, should they change?

With no major racing, this weekend as Sandown has been called off, therefore no Imperial Cup this year before Cheltenham festival.

I have decided to write about the current confirmation stages for Cheltenham racing festival and what that does to the Antepost markets.

We have a situation developing this year that reminds me of the Vautour, Ryanair debacle, horse was all but confirmed for the Gold Cup only to be pulled at the last minute and declared for the Ryanair to the disbelief and outrage of the majority of punters. Some punters I know got 100 o the exchanges for the Ryanair, I took a small but speculative, bet at 80s, that's a positive, I've had plenty of negatives over the years though and that brings me to 2020.

This year we have several situations developing, Envoi Allen, A Plus Tard, Honeysuckle even a couple in the handicaps.

The knock-on effect could see many horses divert to other races, possibly, Asterion Forlonge, Min, Thyme Hill, Faugheen, Allaho too name a few.

These unknowns, provide lots of exciting opinions and chatter amongst punters and fans, I get involved in this myself, after all, we are a game that's all about opinions.

But what this does is create issues Antepost, yes we have the NRNB markets and I'm all for that before the confirmation stages.

There are still horses at confirmation stages involved in 3 or 4 races. This to me is a situation that does nothing for the sport, yes it creates some exciting markets, trading wise you can do well or badly, especially if you fall on the right or wrong side of consistent messages from owners & trainers that he or she runs in that race and then it runs elsewhere.

A couple of years ago we got 48 Hour declarations post the Vautour saga.

is it about time that at the entry stage, horses can only have a maximum of 3 entries. Then at confirmation stage, a maximum of 2 entries with one marked as first choice and the other second choice and if second choice is taken up as the declaration, an additional element to be added possibly a fee of some kind.

This could be total pie in the sky thoughts, but I strongly think it would re-invigorate what is a tired Antepost market these days and bookies get you over a barrel with very short prices on the NRNB markets.

Just some food for thought from myself regarding multiple entries at Cheltenham.