Betting Syndicate Season 4 - Now Accepting New Members

Hi All,

There have been several enquiries into the Betting Syndicate.

So I have published the Terms & Conditions, and also added the Share Plans to the Membership Plans Page

Those interested, please comment below.

You can buy as many shares as you want and come 1st September must be on any members plan for the Ratings Service, this is to ensure fairness, to Non-Syndicate Members who are members of the ratings service.

We have grown shares from £25 to £61 in the last 3 seasons (season 3 finishes 31st August) hopefully we can get that to £70/£80 by then.

So a £500 Share purchase in season 1 and rolled over, would now be over £1,200.

It is good fun and you can buy in for as little as £25 to however much you want.

There is risk attached of course, but I minimise that as much as possible.

Look forward to many new Betting Syndicate Members.

James @HRR

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