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Announcement - No Ratings for the rest of this week.

Hi All The HRR Ratings will be having an overhaul ready for the Flat season.

The changes will include significant updates on HRR Race Ratings, meaning that some ratings will be added and some removed. I aim to complete this by Friday, ready for the weekend's racing.

HRR Rating Changes

HRR Pro - Will stay but will be updated

HRR - Will be removed and replaced by the updated HRR Pro

HRR+ Will be removed

PRR - Will be removed

HRRv (Value) - Will replace HvR WinR - Will be removed

VDW - will stay

New HRR Race Ratings

HRRra - a new performance Race rating

HRRsp - a new performance Speed rating

HRRlr - a new performance Last Race rating

HRRtr -a new performance Trainer rating

HRRjo - a new performance Jockey rating

HRRto - a new performance Today's conditions rating

HRRst - a new performance Stallion rating.

Race Ratings

RaR - will stay

SpR - will stay

LrR - will stay

TrR - will stay

JoR - will stay

ToR - will stay

StR - will stay

This will mean a simplified System Builder will be in place also.



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James at HRR
James at HRR
Mar 29, 2023

They will be live for Friday racing this week, we have nearly completed all the updates

Replying to

Any news?


Any news when the ratings will be live again?

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