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BETTING SYNDICATE - Terms & Conditions



The idea of the syndicate is to enable members to have the possibility of winning big for a relatively small outlay by using Racing Tracker Selections and also any Colossus/Placepot betting permutations. This means members who take part in the syndicate can join in and aid with selections, sit back and relax and let Racing Tracker do all the work for you in managing the administration.

You will benefit from being able to have more than one selection in a race and be able to take part in potential big winning bets like the Scoop 6, Tote Jackpot, Placepot and Quadpot or even accumulators. The potential is HUGE.

Members will be informed by the private Racing Tracker Betting Syndicate Telegram Group  when a bet is in play and you can check selections just by checking that group on a daily basis (Link to Group is emailed when you purchase shares).

It really is that simple. You just pay and you are in PLAY.

SUBSCRIPTIONS (Share Options) Season 3 - 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020

​Subscriptions are a one off payment, but you can buy as many shares as you wish before the 1st July 2019.  All accounts are secured and ring fenced.​


There will be periods during where you can top up shares or shares are opened up to new shareholders but at the current share price.

The Subscription payment acts as the contract and your shares are recorded so the Profit Share, can be calculated.

Profit share will take place annually (End of June each year) and will be refunded by Paypal/Debit/Credit Card, within 30 days.

Alternatively you can roll over your shares & profit into the following season or you can part cash out.

The bigger the share pot the bigger the returns can be as we can use a larger staking plan.

There is risk involved of course, this is why pooling resources helps as we can maintain a much better bankroll, and each season has returned a profit. First season shares started at £25, the are now worth over £60, so a £500 investment from season 1 now stands at £1200+ (with no withdrawals). 

SUBSCRIPTIONS (Share Options) Season 4 - 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021

Shares will be available to purchase for Season 4 from 1st June 2020 it will be limited to a maximum of 200 Individual Shareholders

Cancelling/Leaving the Syndicate

If you wish to leave the syndicate at any time you must give 30 days notice for the following month, at which point you will be refunded your share options at that point in time.

All selections will me made collectively but James at Racing Tracker and he will have the final decision on the group collective.

If you are interested in joining then please use the become a member page to purchase your shares.

So what are you waiting for sign up NOW and lets start winning?